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My original website was at GTE. Verizon bought GTE some years ago, so my old website which was at became

Verizon was a flakey poor unreliable ISP (Internet Service Provider). Somtimes when attempting to access a page on my Verizon website it would return HTTP code 423 Locked. Verizon refused to acknowledge there was a problem.

Also, for several years, any attempt to access the "robots.txt" file at or always failed with HTTP code 423 Locked, so certain web crawlers like Alexa which conform to W3C standards were unable to crawl the site. Again Verizon refused to acknowledge there was a problem. The highest technical person at Verizon I was allowed to talk to, after several days of escalating the issue, didn't even know what a "robots.txt" file was. She also didn't know what ASCII was or how to pronounce it.

I had gotten many emails from other Verizon ISP users who were having the same problem with "423 Locked" error messages. They said they also had no success talking with Verizon technical support about this issue. I suggest dumping Verizon and going with a better company, as Verizon is never going to fix their problem.

More about robots.txt files can be found at

September, 2005.I also recently discovered that my Verizon webspace treats audio *.wma files as text files. So if I upload one and then link to it all you get is a page full of binary, rather than having the audio file play in your audio player. I don't have this problem with . Once again, Verizon sucks.

December, 2005.It has recently come to my attention that I am not receiving all my email sent to my Verizon account. Companies send me email, I never receive it. Spam blocker is off. Once again, Verizon sucks!

January, 2006. It appears Verizon has finally fixed the robots.txt file problem. Now an attempt to access that file results in HTTP code 404 "file not found" which is quite acceptable. Only took them several years to fix that problem. They still haven't fixed the other problems.

February, 2006. Migrated everything to COX. I advise people to avoid Verizon as an Internet Service Provider. My new homepage became

December, 2011. COX suddenly stopped hosting personal websites, so I did some research looking for a new reputable website hosting company. Found They're BBB approved. Also checked with consumer complaint boards like,, and Many other website hosting companies had numerous complaints. was clean. They also have numerous nice video tutorials.

February, 2012. My new homepage is now at
both hosted by which seems to be a good honest hosting company.

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