How to disassemble cell phone Samsung model SCH-u700

Here's how to take it apart:

You'll need:
  • tiny Phillips screwdriver
  • tiny flat blade screwdriver
    You can get these from your local electronics store, such as RadioShack. For example, the Kronus™ 17-piece precision screwdriver set.

1. Remove the plugs hiding the screws, then remove the screws.

disassemble Samsung SCH-U700

2. With small flat blade screwdriver pry open where the tabs are.

disassemble Samsung SCH-U700

3. The two speakers and microphone come up with a little persuasion. Then you can pry up the bottom end just enough to get the water out.

disassemble Samsung SCH-U700

The other side where the battery compartment is also comes apart. However after doing that I don't see it as being very useful. The other half should dry out with no problem. Here's a picture anyway:

disassemble Samsung SCH-U700

Note if you do take this side apart, there's a small wire here that may come unplugged. Just plug it back where it goes when you reassemble.

disassemble Samsung SCH-U700

Another common source of trouble is the battery connections get oxidized. Get some "Contact Cleaner" from your local electronic supply store, such as RadioShack, and just spray it on the contacts. Wipe it off with a Q-Tip, cotton swab, paper towel, clean cloth, whatever you have.

Samsung SCH-U700 battery contactsbattery contacts
Clean the battery contacts
with Contact Cleaner

(These instructions also likely apply to similar Samsung cell phone models such as: SCH-U706)

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