How to disassemble cell phone Samsung model SCH-u340

The usual story—cell phone gets wet, water gets inside, I tried drying it out with warm heat, but discovered the water was trapped inside, under the window. Warming it up wasn't enough, because the water couldn't get out. To dry it out I had to take it apart.

Here's how to take it apart:

1. Remove the two screws. (Remove the plugs hiding the screws, then remove the screws. You'll need a tiny Phillips screwdriver. (You're also going to need a small flat blade screwdriver for the next step. You can get these from your local electronics store, such as RadioShack. For example, the Kronus™ 17-piece precision screwdriver set.)

disassemble Samsung SCH-u340

2. And now comes the tricky part. The top is held on by one big tab circled in red, and six small tabs circled in yellow. (The big tab, circled in red, is near where the two screws were. In the next picture the phone is oriented the same way, but with the top closed.)

disassemble Samsung SCH-u340

disassemble Samsung SCH-u340
Here's another view of that big tab. Get a small flat screwdriver in there and get that big tab circled in red unhooked. Takes a bit of effort and patience, but you'll eventually get it.

3. Once you get that big tab unhooked, then carefully unhook the other six tabs circled in yellow. Update: Brian Bowes says he had better luck unhooking the 6 tabs shown in yellow and then the big hook in red slid apart easily.

4. Let it dry out for awhile and reassemble.

Another common source of trouble is the battery connections get oxidized. Get some "Contact Cleaner" from your local electronic supply store, such as RadioShack, and just spray it on the contacts. Wipe it off with a Q-Tip, cotton swab, paper towel, clean cloth, whatever you have.

Samsung SCH-u340 battery contacts
Clean the battery contacts
with Contact Cleaner

(These instructions also likely apply to similar Samsung cell phone models such as: SGH-t109, SGH-t209, SGH-t219, SGH-t309, SGH-t319, SGH-329, SGH-t439, SGH-t609, SGH-t619, possibly SGH-t719, SGH-u540, possibly SGH-a227, SGH-a237, SGH-a137, SCH-a570, SCH-a870, SCH-r300, SCH-r430, SCH-r550, SCH-r600, SCH-u520, SCH-u706, SGH-a226, SGH-a436, SGH-c416, SGH-d406, SPH-a420, SPH-a513, SPH-a580, possibly SPH-a640.)

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