The Science of Comprehension

How We Understand Abstract Concepts


In order to understand politics and the deep division between Progressives and Conservatives we need to first study not what people think, but how people think. Once we understand how people go about understanding and reasoning about things, then we'll be able to understand the thought process of people who think differently from us.

Part I: The New 21st-Century Paradigm Shift
Part II: Beethoven's 5th Symphony
Part III: Symbols and their Meaning
Part IV: Symbol Interpreters, Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem, and Consciousness
Part IV–A: Conceptual Overview of Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem (optional)
Part IV–B: Impossible Geometric Constructions (optional)
Part V: The Circular Dictionary
Part VI: The Basic "Sesame Street" Concepts
Part VII: When the Metaphor is Wrong
Part VII–A: When the Metaphor is Wrong (supplemental)
Part VII–B: “Keep an Open Mind” (supplemental)new!
Part VIII: My First Example
Part IX: Dictionaries don't define words
Part X: The Mind-Body Problem
Part XI: The Broken Clock: “Broken Part” vs. “Broken System-As-A-Whole”
Part ?: Review
Part ??: What is "Normal"?
Addiction: New Metaphors Give Us New Ways of Understanding How to Overcome Drug Addiction

Last Update: July 5, 2015

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