A Bedtime Story

David Deley

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, there were three pigs who built three summer houses next to the beach. The first pig built his summer house out of straw so he could have some cool ventilation. The second pig built his house out of wood because he was from California, and the third pig built his house out of bricks because he was from the east.

One morning in this secluded land a Prince Charming came to the door of the first little pig's house. He knocked on the door and the first little pig answered it. "Hello, my name is Prince Charming and I would like to sell you this super neat glass slipper. It's a really good deal. There's only one other like it in the entire land and that one's made for the other foot."

The first pig looked over the glass slipper. Indeed it was a very beautiful slipper, but unfortunately it was a Monday and the pig had no money. So he offered to buy the glass slipper in exchange for a bowl of porridge. The Prince Charming agreed to this plan until he tasted the porridge; it was too cold, mostly because of the cool ventilation that the straw house had. The Prince Charming politely said goodbye and went to the second pig's house. This second pig also didn't have any money because it was a Monday, but he did have some porridge that was just right.

"I'll trade you half a bowl of porridge for that shoe," said the pig.

"Only half a bowl," asked the Prince Charming who didn't want to get cheated in the deal. "Why only half a bowl? And besides, it's not a shoe, it's a glass slipper."

"I'll only give you half a bowl because it's only half a pair of slippers," answered the pig.

"Well," Prince Charming replied, "then I'll trade you this glass slipper for half a pair of bowls full of porridge."

"Well, I only have one bowl of porridge right now. I'd have to go make up another bowl of porridge to do that."

"No, no," the shrewd prince replied, "that won't be necessary. Because I'm in such a good mood this morning I'll make you a special deal. I'll trade you this genuine glass slipper for only one bowl of porridge."

The pig agreed to this and the deal was made. The pig got the glass slipper and the prince went off eating his just-right porridge.

As the prince passed the third pig's house the third pig yelled out his brick window. "Hey, Mr. Charming. Do you have anything to sell to me?"

"No," answered the prince.

"I have some real hot porridge to trade you for anything," said the pig.

"I don't like real hot porridge, it's too hot."

"Well, you could stick it in a thermos and save it for lunch. By then it would be just right."

"I don't have anything to sell," the prince said.

"How about some magic beans?" offered the pig. "I have some magic beans that are super neat. Surely you could trade me something for them."

"But all I have is this empty bowl and spoon."

"Great," said the pig, "It's a deal. Finally I'll have something to put my porridge in; it's been getting awfully black just sitting on the fire." The deal was made as Prince Charming traded his empty bowl and spoon for the magical beans.

Several days later the prince planted the magical beans. The beans instantly grew into a very large tree causing a powerful earthquake. The earthquake from the violent tree growing caused a large tidal wave which flooded the beach where the three pigs summer houses were. The straw house was annihilated. The brick house sank. But the house made of wood floated and the second pig was saved. The moral of the story is: some people have all the luck.

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