But I've Nothing To Say

I've crawled into a hole
Hidden myself away
I've no eyes like a mole
I've nothing to say

Similar to an endless scream
With everywhere to go
Helpless in a dream
Every answer is no

Floating into darkness
I reach to touch space
No one to address
My heart speeds pace

I can not be me
So changed since yesterday
I was put here to be
But I've nothing to say

       – Melissa Regis (now Melissa Woodall)


Sweep up the memories
those old untidy memories
broken mixed up memories
of what we had one day

Sweep out the nonsense
That crazy happy nonsense
This world's too old for nonsense
Sweep, just sweep it all away

Everything in a state of grace
Everything back in it's proper place
No more rainbows for us to chase
No more games to play

Sweep out the laughter
There's no more time for laughter
At least not until after
I come back - and you know


     – Dr. Seuss, "The Cat in the Hat"

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