Attempting to create a project in Visual Studio 2008 returns error "Requested registry access is not allowed."
Requested registry access is not allowed.

A registry key's permissions are preventing you from accessing it.

Change registry key permission so you can access it.

It doesn't tell you which registry key is the culprit.

Determine which registry key is the culprit by using Process Monitor

  1. Google "Process Monitor", download & unzip.
    (Currently it's at: )

  2. Run Procmon.exe

  3. FileCapture Events
    to stop it from collecting data

    Run Procmon.exe . Stop it from collecting data.

  4. EditClear Display

    Edit -> Clear Display

  5. Drag the target icon to the title bar of Visual Studio (or whatever program is causing the problem). This will cause Process Monitor to filter out all events except ones coming from Visual Studio.

    Drag target icon

  6. Check the filter by going to FilterFilter...

    Check filter

    Notice the PID of the process for Visual Studio has been added.
    (To reset the filters click 'Reset' upper left.)

    Process Monitor Filter

  7. Deselect the buttons for:
    • Show File System Activity
    • Show Network Activity
    • Show Process and Thread Activity
    • Show Profiling Events
    Leave selected:
    • Show Registry Activity

    Select only Show Registry Activity

  8. Click the Capture button to begin collecting data

    Drag target icon

  9. Go back to Visual Studio and recreate the error (try to create a new project, or do whatever caused the error)

  10. Stop Process Monitor from collecting data

    Drag target icon

  11. Look for operation RegOpenKey with result ACCESS DENIED

    Look for ACCESS DENIED

Now we know which registry key is causing the problem. See the following link for instructions on how to grant yourself access to this registry key:

(Note: There may be more than one key causing a problem. You may have to repeat this process again if access to another key is causing the same problem.)

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