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[Founded 1967 by Edgar Froese, named after a particular lyric in the Beatles song "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds". Over the years the most common other members have been: Chris Franke, Peter Baumann, Johannes Schmoelling, Paul Haslinger. There are so many TD albums that I can not keep up. I must have over 50 now. I try to group together the ones I know. There are many other places on the WEB to find out more about TD.]
[group 1: Brain Damage music. Mindless senseless noises.]
[Try: VANGELIS Beauborg, Invisible Connections]
Electronic Meditation (1970) Froese, Klaus Schulze, Conrad Schnitzier.
(I call this album "Brain Damage" because that's what it sounds like to me.)(BAD)
Alpha Centauri (1971) Froese, Franke, Steve Schroeder.(BAD)
Zeit (1972, double album) Froese, Franke, Baumann. (**) for "Nebulous Dawn"
If you like "Nebulous Dawn" Try: COSMIC JOKERS Cosmic Jokers
If you like "Origin of Supernatural Probabilities" Try: EDGAR FROESE "Aqua"
Atem (1973) Froese, Franke, Baumann.(**) Getting better.

[group 2: Early New Age Classics. Synth sounds no orchestra could make which flow yet hold together as a composition.]
Green Desert (1973)[****] Froese, Franke.
Phaedra (1974)[****] Froese, Franke, Baumann.
Classic which launched TD into prominence.
Live! Improvised!(1974) Froese, Franke, Baumann. Recorded live at Reims Cathedral, Dec. 13, 1974. Very much like Rubycon. Double CD. Bootleg.
Rubycon (1975)[****] Froese, Franke, Baumann.
Try: Michael Hoenig Departure From the Northern Wasteland
Ricochet (1976)[****] Froese, Franke, Baumann.

[group 3: music that wanders]
Stratosfear (1977) Froese, Franke, Baumann.
Wanders aimlessly(*) Paul disagrees, says it's a favorite.
Encore (1977 live) Froese, Franke, Baumann.
Wanders aimlessly(*)
Sorcerer (1977 movie soundtrack) (found...

[group 4: attempt at vocals]
Cyclone (1978)[**] Froese, Franke, Klaus Krieger, Steve Jolliffe [vocals].
Their first attempt at introducing vocals, considered a failure by most people I've talked with. Paul still likes it anyway. It's OK.

[group 5: music that rocks in a New Age way.]
Force Majeure (1979)[****] Froese, Franke, Krieger.
A cross between "New Age Music" and "Instrumental Rock". Paul's favorite.
Tangram (1980)[****] Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
Pergamon (1980 live)[****] Franke, Froese, Schmoelling.
Excellent. Even my non- new age music friends like this album. One called it "Jazzy" which surprised me because I don't like Jazz. The music does build to an exciting active finish, and sounds somewhat like a symphony orchestra "pulling out all the stops". Contains some hints of Tangram.
Exit (1981)[***] Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
White Eagle (1982)[***] Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
I know one person who thinks this is their best album.)
Logos (1982 live)[****] Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
Sohoman: Live in Sydney 1982
Pretty much what the track listings say:
1. Conventions of the 24
2. White Eagle
3. Logos part one
4. Bondi Parade

Risky Business (1983 movie soundtrack)
[The movie used numerous pieces of Tangerine Dream.]
2. The Dream is Always the Same (new)
3. No Future [get off the babysitter dream] (Exit track 4: "Exit")
4. Guido the Killer Pimp (Force Majeure track 2: "Cloudburst Flight")
5. Lana [first time making love with Lana] (Force Majeure track 1: "Force Majeure", remake or remix of since the intro is quite different)
7. The Pump [get that Porche started and back out of the garage] (Jeff Beck: There & Back, track 4: "The Pump")
11. Love on a Real Train (new)
[NOTE: The vinyl record has a much different mix of tracks 2 and 11. The CD version both here and on the "Dream Sequence" CD is more sparse sounding with less instruments.]
ALSO: The beginning of Tangram (synth flute, short notes) was used for `the 6" garden hose flowing water' scene (could that be symbolic?)

[group 6: quieter music]
Hyperborea (1983)[****] Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
Similar to Edgar Froese Pinnacles. Try: Pinnacles.
Poland (1984 live)[****] Froese, Franke, Schmoelling. (****)for 1st track.
Soundmill Navigator (1976 live)[****]

[group 5 cont.]
Underwater Sunlight (1986)[***] Froese, Franke, Haslinger.
Tyger (1987)[***] Froese, Franke, Haslinger.
The lyrics well sung by female vocalist Jocelyn Bernadette Smith are from poems by William Blake (1757-1827) put to music by Tangerine Dream. Also a lot of instrumental.
Livemiles (1988 live)[****] Froese, Franke, Haslinger.
(I know one person commented they thought this was their worst ever. I quite like it.)

[Group 6: Now TD is just Edgar and his son on stage. As I hear it Edgar Froese doesn't like Virgin records anymore where he has a contract for any solo albums he produces, so he still releases his albums under the name "Tangerine Dream". Their sound has changed again. I don't like it as much. One reviewer likes it as a refreshing change, but admits many TD fans used to the TD sound may not like this. A lot more guitars and pop sound.
[Rockoon and 220 Volt are similar]
Rockoon (1992)[**]
220 Volt (1993 live)[**] (Edgar Froese, Jerome Froese, +video)
Tyranny of Beauty (1995)[**]
Valentine Wheels(1997 live)[***] Live containing many of their previous pieces.

Dreaming on Danforth Avenue (1992, Bootleg)
"recorded live at the Music Hall, Toronto on the 4th October 1992". Includes a very enthusiastic audience. Bootleg. 10 tracks in all. Total play time 59:18. Some of the tracks I recognize are:
Track 1: "Touchwood" from Rockoon
Track 4: "Oriental Haze" from 220 Volt
Track 5: "Graffiti Street" from Rockoon
Track 7: "Two Bunch Palms" from 220 Volt
Track 8: "220 Volt" from 220 Volt
Track 9: "Girls on Broadway" from Rockoon

[These all sound similar to me. I don't care a lot for short pieces though if you like short pieces these are all good ones.]
Sorcerer (1977 movie soundtrack) A bit wierd.
Kamikaze (1982 movie soundtrack by EDGAR FROESE)
Wavelength (1982 movie soundtrack) Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
Flashpoint (1984 movie soundtrack)
Firestarter (1984 movie soundtrack)
Le Parc (1985): Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
Bunch of short pieces. Paul says "not bad".
Heartbreakers (1985 movie soundtrack) Froese, Franke, Schmoelling.
A bunch of short pieces.
Optical Race (1988)
Canyon Dreams (1987)
Video of Grand Canyon goes with it. Short pieces.
Miracle Mile (1988 or 89)
Lilly on the Beach (1989)
Melrose (1990)
First album featuring Jerome Froese, Edgar's son.
Turn of the Tides (1994)
Tyranny of Beauty (1995)
Paul says "Check out Tangents box!! 5 CD's all reworked & re-recorded by Froese, + new stuff!!"

Electronic Orgy (1998)[****] 4 CD set, limited edition.
Here's the address: David Minton; 9231 W H Burges; El Paso; Texas 79925. Good collection of the more obscure and harder to find TD pieces. (Album of "questionable origin" i.e. probably bootleg. Originally only 500 copies made so they said. Last time I gave it four stars. This time I don't think your missing much.)
1= Philosophical Conversation {Legend} 0:22
2= Oszillator Planet Concert {Ossiach Live} 8:00
3= Ultima Thule (part 1) {7" single} 3:24
4= Ultima Thule (part 2) {7" single} 4:21
5= Overture {V. OST for Oedipus Tyrannus} 10:58
6= Haunted Heights {Baumann. 70-80 Box Set} 5:56
7= Chimes & Chains {Franke. 70-80 Box Set} 4:35
8= Baryll Blue {Froese. 70-80 Box Set} 7:04
9= Monolight (Remix) {70-80 Box Set} 3:06
10= Dr. Destructo {Thief. 12" promo single} 4:14
11= Confrontation {Craig Safan. Thief OST} 5:32
12= Code Name: The Soldier {Film. Main title} 1:51
13= Die Russen Kommen {Baumann. C & G Schnitzler} 3:28
14= The 4:08 To Paris {Berlin Express = Baumann, C & G Schnitzler} 4:08
15= The Russians Are Coming {Baumann, C & G Schnitzler} 4:43

1= OS 452 (remix) {Froese. Solo 1974-1979} 5:26
2= PA 701 (remix) {Froese. Solo 1974-1979} 4:42
3= Tropic Of Capricorn (remix) {Froese. Solo 1974-1979} 4:34
4= Pizarro and Athuallpa (remix) {Froese. Solo 1974-1979} 4:10
5= NGC 891 (rerecorded) {Froese. Solo 1974-1979} 4:33
6= Dasmadchen Auf Der Treppe {Tatort OST. 12" single} 3:43
7= Flock {Tatort OST. 12" single} 2:22
8= Katja {Tatort OST. 12" single} 2:47
9= Speed {Tatort OST. 12" single} 2:29
10= Daydream {Tatort OST. 7" single} 4:31
11= Moorland {Tatort OST. 7" single} 3:51
12= Fisherman's Morning {The Keep. Virgin promo LP} 3:24
13= Romanian Road {The Keep. Virgin promo LP} 2:55
14= Sailing Mission {The Keep. Virgin promo LP} 3:02
15= Gloria {The Keep. Virgin promo LP} 3:10
16= The Dream Is Always The Same {R.B. LP. Dream Scene} 2:24
17= Love On A Real Train {R.B. LP. Train Scene} 2:15
18= Chased By Guido, The Killer Pimp {R.B. press kit} 3:04
19= Joel And The Porsche Take The Plunge {R.B. press kit} 1:02
20= Catching The Egg {R.B. press kit} 0:12
21= The Return Of The Goodsens {R.B. press kit} 0:58
22= Love On A Real Train {R.B. press kit} 3:10
23= Warsaw In The Sun {7" single} 3:48

1= Warsaw In The Sun (part 1) {12" single} 4:45
2= Warsaw In The Sun (part 2) {12" single} 2:58
3= Streethawk (radio remix) {12" single} 3:02
4= Prologue {Legend, film prologue} 1:20
5= Unicorn Theme {Legend, WDR - Cologne, "Schwingungen, 2/23/89} 7:02
6= Horns Of Doom {KLEM anniversary cassette} 5:41
7= Dolphin Smile {Dolphin Dance} 4:55
8= Brother Or Stranger {City Of Shadows, closing credits} 4:43
9= Shy People {Original film version} 5:17
10= Shadow Flyer {Canyon Dreams, video version} 7:14
11= A Time For Heroes (extended) {CD single} 6:02
12= A Time For Heroes (single) {CD single} 4:12
13= House Of The Rising Sun {Live, 1988 tour} 4:32
14= Vermillion Sands {Christopher Franke, Klern CD} 5:33
15= Alexander Square {CD single} 6:16

1= Lost Tale {Klem CD} 3:25
2= Octahedron I {Haslinger, Octahedron sampler} 4:45
3= Octahedron II {Haslinger, Octahedron sampler} 4:05
4= I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You {Instrumental} 3:28
5= One Night In Medina {Tarot CD single} 3:42
6= I Just Want To Rule My Own Life Without You {Vocal version} 3:58
7= Roaring Of The Bliss {Private Music Of T.D.} 4:58
8= Beaver Town {Private Music of T.D.} 4:24
9= Machiko {KORG sampler CD} 2:46
10= Purple Haze {Dreamtime CD single} 2:59
11= Dreamtime (vocal version) {Dreamtime CD single} 3:40
12= Graffitti Street (live) {Three Phase video} 4:39
13= Phaedra (live) Three Phase video} 3:44
14= Oriental Haze (live) Three Phase video} 5:36
15= Love On A Real Train (live) {Three Phase video} 3:18
16= Story Of The Brave {Turn of the Tides, promo CD single} 5:17
17= Quazar {Italian CDI} 3:43
18= Sound Sampling Of "No Man'S Land" {Electronic Soundmaker And Computer Music, promo cassette} 4:13
19= The Dream Is Always The Same {Tom Cruise, film quote} :30

Aqua (1974)[***] quiet water music.
Try: Epsilon in Malaysian Pale
Epsilon in Malaysian Pale (1975)[****]
Early morning music with a synth flute. I like playing this one in the morning. It isn't sharp, high pitched, or loud. It's smooth, soft, just enough movement to make it feel like morning.
Try: Aqua

Electronic Dreams (1974)
A compilation from "Aqua" and "Ypsilon in Malaysian Pale". (Note there are two spellings for the same album: Epsilon and Ypsilon.)

Macula Transfer (1975-1976)[*]
May be hard to find. Possibly not worth the look. I never play it. Mostly guitar. Paul says "too bad, it's a favorite".

Ages (1978 double album)[****]
Some excellent pieces on this album, but may be hard to find. Definitely worth it if you can find it. (I just heard it was released on CD.)

Thief (1981)[***]
There are two vinyl record versions of this (Domestic vs. Import). The variant one leaves out "Beach Scene" and appends a new piece "Confrontation" at the end of the album after "Igneous".

Stuntman (1979,movie soundtrack)[****]
Actually quite a good album. Paul likes it too.

Pinnacles (1983)[****]
Similar to Tangerine Dream Hyperborea.
Try: Hyperborea

Tangerine Ambience Vol. I[**]
Remake of their earlier stuff by other artists.
Tangerine Ambience Vol. II (1997)[***]
Good remake of some of their more popular stuff by other artists. Like the music but want some variety in how it's played? Here it is.

New Tangerine Dream CDs are always coming out.

Christopher Franke
Johannes Schmoelling


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