The Biltmore Hotel

Biltmore hotel View from Biltmore Biltmore valet parking Biltmore entrance Biltmore dining room
Here we are at the Biltmore Hotel. This place isn't super extravagant like some of those hotels in Las Vegas, this place is just elegant and expensive. As we walk up onto the grass and turn around we see a grand view of the ocean from here. Turning back to the hotel we see the entrance. I don't see anyone around so let's gather up our courage and walk in the door on the left side. If anyone looks at us just smile and nod politely and act like you belong here and know what you're doing; that usually works.

The Biltmore Hotel is elegant. There are real towels in the hallway restrooms, white ones. There's certainly nothing second rate about this place. Around the corner we come to the dining room in the picture above called The Gold Room. I guess they call it the Gold Room either because it's golden or because you have to pay gold to eat here.

The view from the Biltmore of sunset. Biltmore hotel

Einstein, wife, Dr. Ludwig Kast
Albert Einstein, right, with his wife and host Dr. Ludwig Kast on Biltmore Beach.
Einstein visits Santa Barbara, eats olive—says, "Phew"

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