Map: Second part of tour Let's take a look at the second segment of our tour. Continuing from the Biltmore Hotel we'll travel up Olive Mill Road into Montecito and turn right on N. Jameson Ln. This road runs along next to the freeway. It's usually faster than the freeway because the freeway is usually jammed along here. Be sure to wave at the people stuck on the freeway as you drive by! (For another way of avoiding the freeway see How to get from Goleta to Carpinteria bypassing the 101 freeway)

At the end of N. Jameson Ln. we'll follow the road left which becomes Sheffield Drive. Everything to the left of Sheffield Drive is Oprah Winfrey's $51 million estate (the place is as big as Disneyland!).

At the end of Sheffield Drive we'll turn right and go along East Valley Road just a little bit so we can see John Cleese's ranch and mansion. Then we'll do a U-turn and go west along East Valley Road all the way through Montecito. The road gets renamed Camino Viejo towards the end but you won't know the difference. We'll veer right onto Alston Rd. go visit the world renowned Brooks Institute School of Photography. From there we'll continue on the main road which becomes Alameda Padre Serra until we come to Mission Santa Barbara. And from there we'll finish by going up to the Botanic Gardens.
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