Arroyo Burro Beach

As we continue on we come to Arroyo Burro Beach nestled between the cliffs. This beach is also called Hendry's beach because the land used to be owned by William Hendry back in the late 1800's. There's a lot of tar on this beach so you usually have to clean off your feet with tar remover when you leave, but as you can see this nonetheless is still a very popular beach. It's also a popular spot for hang gliders. They jump off the cliff there and go sailing around for quite some time. The light breeze that comes in off the ocean goes rushing up those cliffs creating the lift which keeps them up. (That blurry dot in the center sky is a hang glider.)

From Arroyo Burro Beach we'll go along Cliff Drive, make a right turn onto Shoreline Drive, and head over to Shoreline Park.