La Cumbre Plaza Let's start the main tour. Our first stop will be the La Cumbre Plaza shopping center. La Cumbre Plaza used to be the only shopping mall in all of Santa Barbara, and still is the only shopping mall with adequate parking year round and the parking is free. At the newer downtown Paseo Nuevo mall it's difficult to find a parking space anywhere in any of the parking garages, and the parking isn't free.

Robinsons May Here we see a picture of Robinsons May. Those bells in the tower used to chime every hour when I was a very young child but they haven't done that for a long time now. When Robinsons first opened in the 1960's people felt that it was such a fancy store that they would put on their best Sunday clothes just to go shopping there. Well luckily for us people don't dress up to go to Robinsons anymore so I think we can just go in dressed as we are and browse around.

As we walk in from the plaza we first pass the cosmetics department where salesladies will attempt to spray you with perfume.

On the bottom floor is the silver and china section. This stuff looks pretty expensive, but nonetheless this place does have that department store felling.

slab of glass with swan carved in it Over on the left is a small slab of glass about 6" high with a swan carved in it. If you look closely you can see the price of this is $160.00 My gosh, who would pay $160.00 for this?