Moreton Bay Fig Tree

Speaking of landmarks there is one which we simply must see. let's take a short detour underneath the State Street underpass, turn right into the Amtrak train station parking lot, and park on the other side of the lot. (Don't worry, the first 75 minutes are free). Here we find the Moreton Bay Fig Tree.

El Capitan Portola of the Royal Spanish Army camped here with his party August 18, 1769 on his epic trip to establish California as a colony of Spain. At least that's what the sign says. Aren't you happy now? But apparently the tree wasn't here yet.

In 1876 a visiting sailor presented the seedling of this Moreton Bay Fig (ficus macrophylla) to a local girl who planted it at 201 State Street. When the girl moved away a year later, her friend Adeline Crabb relocated the sapling to its current location.

This Australian immigrant tree has grown to one of the Moreton Bay Fig trees in North America. It has been designated a city landmark and placed on the California Register of Big Trees. In July 1997 the circumference of the tree was 41 1/2 feet at 4 1/2 feet above ground. The average crown spread was 176 feet and the total height was 80 feet.

Amtrak Train This is also where the Amtrak station is. You can get on the passenger train here and go down the coast to San Diego or up the coast all the way to Seattle. Keep in mind the train is always one hour late. They just can't seem to keep it on schedule.