Lower State Street

Bars, Bars, Bars! Bars, Bars, Bars! And some restaurants. During the day you can select a bar and watch sports. Drink and root for your favorite team. And if you don't know who's playing, just root for the team wearing white. Good guys always wear white, so root for the good guys. Shows how much I know about sports.

Sometimes one of the bars has a live band playing loud music, but usually it's quiet. Not many stores to shop at down here, just lots of friendly bars, and restaurants, and restaurants with bars in them.

The Night Life

Lower State St. Not much exciting happens on lower State street during the day. However at night the place becomes quite active and interesting. This is where the night life is. The lower three blocks of State street is the place to be at night.

No Smoking in California Late at night young adults and teens can be seen walking up and down the sidewalk smoking cigarettes like the living dead. People have to smoke outside because it is illegal to smoke inside a bar. California is not friendly to smokers. Smokers are given a special area outside where they have to go to smoke. Non-smokers exclaim how smoking is bad for you and will kill you. Smokers reply, "We're all going to die eventually." Non-smokers exclaim the second hand smoke will kill us all! Smokers reply, "Good. Maybe then you'll shut up and stop your bitching about my smoking!"

Inside people dance and drink. There's usually one or two bars with a long line of people waiting to get in. I never have any idea why they wait in line or what they are waiting for.

I wonder where these young teens get their cigarettes from, or if they are perhaps a home made manufactured item of leaves from a special plant that is currently legal only if you claim it is for medicinal purposes. Perhaps they have fake I.D.s

Fake IDs

Fake Driver's License It used to be that driver's licenses were made of flimsy cardboard material similar to a thick business card. Teens would modify the birthdate on their IDs to make them a few years older, just old enough to drink. This was done by taking a sharp pointed knife and carefully cutting out a number on the person's birthdate and carefully cutting out another number somewhere else on the ID and swapping them. For example if a person's birthday was in the year 1966 they would cut out the "6" and swap it with a "1" cut out from elsewhere on the ID making their birthdate 1961. You instantly become 5 years older. If this was done well it might not be noticed by a bouncer at the door in the dim light of the dark.

When I turned 21 I went to a liqueur store with my friends and the cashier carefully examined my ID through a microscope! He wasn't taking any chances.

Today IDs are much harder to fake. They are plastic like credit cards and have transparent holograms all over them. Also if the person is under the age of 21 the person's photo is placed on the right side instead of the left side. That's pretty hard to modify with a knife. Instead you now have to go to the internet and type in, "Fake ID" at a search engine and find out where you can purchase fake IDs from.