Santa Barbara Courthouse

Courthouse The Santa Barbara Courthouse is considered one of America's finest public buildings. Here we have the view from Anacapa of the clock and tower.
Courtyard On the side is the famous Courthouse Courtyard where many Fiesta activities take place.
Stairway Stairway Ceiling As we walk inside and wander up the stairs you'll notice the impressive ceiling to the stairwell leading to the second floor.
Mural Room Browsing On the second floor we come across the famous Mural Room.
View from Tower We can also take the elevator up to the tower where we get a great view of all of Santa Barbara, including a view of the Mission and Seminary where we just came from.

Another view of the courthouse is at this link: A 360 view of the courthouse

From here we'll go down to the State Street underpass and examine the behind the scenes story of this innocent looking edifice.