To ensure the success of our meetings we must recognize and avoid two destructive forces that can create dissension and ultimately destroy the group.

The first destructive force is the discussion of any religious denomination.

Addiction respects no particular religion; therefore, our program must be designed to help us regardless of our various beliefs. Let us not defeat our purpose by discussing any particular denomination.

We come from many different backgrounds and we have many different religious beliefs, but we all have one thing in common: we're all human, and we're all here. Each of us is on our own path.

The second destructive force is gossip.

We are here to help ourselves and others by sharing our experience, feelings, attitudes, and reactions to our situation—to help us in applying the principles to our own lives. Careless discussion of other people's personal difficulties is contrary to the principles of our program. What we say here—stays here!

Adapted from Nar-Anon and Family-Anon.

Rev. August 2014

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