[.DAVID.PRIMES]      (OS independent.  Code should be easily transportable
                                       to other systems.  Both FORTRAN and
                                       C versions are given.)

        Routines for generating prime numbers and for finding the prime
        factors of a given number.

       FACTOR.FOR - Routine for finding the prime factors of a given
                    number.  (Also provided as FACTOR.C)

    NEXTPRIME.FOR - Function to round a number up to the next prime.
                    See file NEXTPRIME.DOC for further details.  (Also
                    provided as NEXTPRIME.C)

   MAKEPRIMES.FOR - Routine which generates all primes up to a specified
                    number of primes.  This uses a modified version of
                    NEXTPRIME.FOR to generate all primes up to a given
                    number of primes and print them out on unit #3 (file
                    FOR003.DAT).  Change parameter NUMPRIMES to the
                    number of primes you wish to generate.  (Also provided
                    as MAKEPRIMES.C)

NEXTPRIME.HTM          Documentation on program NEXTPRIME.FOR

FACTOR.FOR             Source code - find prime factors
MAKEPRIMES.FOR         Source code - round up to next prime
NEXTPRIME.FOR          Source code - generate all primes

FACTOR.C               Source code (C version) - find prime factors
MAKEPRIMES.C           Source code (C version) - round up to next prime
NEXTPRIME.C            Source code (C version) - generate all primes