How the Water Balloon Pictures Were Made

Water Balloon Setup

The pictures were taken in the garage. The water balloon is on the cutting board, with some guy apparently me 30 years ago holding a knife ready to swing down and slice the balloon. On the right side is an old fashion movie projector, the light shining through a cardboard hole, creating a beam of light going across to the light sensor on the other side. Some electronics connects the light sensor to the camera flash seen in the lower right of the photograph.

When the knife is swing down slicing the balloon, the light beam is broken and the camera flash is triggered. The brief flash of light from the camera flash captures the moment.

To take the picture, the picture is taken at night with the garage door closed making it pitch dark. My brother pushes the button on the chord attached to the camera which opens the camera shutter. He yells, "Shutter open!" I swing the knife down, the camera flash activates capturing the moment and exposing the film. My brother releases the camera's shutter button closing the shutter and says, "Shutter's closed." We grope for the light switch and look at all the water on the table and garage floor.