Map: Fourth part of tour
For the next segment of our tour we'll go over San Marcos Pass. First travel up State St. until we get back to La Cumbre Plaza where we started our tour. Then go just a little bit further to the intersection where we will turn onto highway 154 and go over the mountain.

The pass is 2225 feet high. The highest point of the mountain itself is 3985 feet, which you can get to by turning right onto W. Camino Cielo Rd. and traveling along that winding road for a good hour of carsick fun. But we're not going to go that way. We're going over the pass.

Map: Fourth part of tour Just beyond the top of the pass turn left onto Stagecoach Rd, and follow that road to Cold Spring Tavern. Stagecoach Rd. is the original road the stagecoaches took, and Cold Spring Tavern is a place the stagecoaches stopped at to refresh the horses and weary travelers.

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