Street Names and Places

Some street names in Santa Barbara are very bizzare. For example, "Arrellaga St." It's pronounced are·ā·yagga. My mom says, "Just remember in Spanish two L's make a Y."

Also, places of interest are not on the streets you'd think they'd be on.

For example, our famous historic Mission Santa Barbara is not on Mission street, it's at the corner of Laguna and Los Olivos St. (though if you took Mission street to the top you could probably find it from there).

Other examples are Foothill elementary school in Goleta which isn't on Foothill Road, it's on Cathedral Oaks road. Cathedral Oaks road becomes Foothill Road 2.3 miles away when it crosses into the city of Santa Barbara.

Kellogg elementary school is not on Kellog Avenue. It's on Cambridge Drive. Kellogg Avenue runs parallel to Cambridge Drive one block over.

The YIELD sign in front of Mountain View elementary school, which isn't on Mountain View drive.
Mountain View elementary school in Goleta is another example. It's not on Mountain View drive, it's on Queen Ann Lane. In fact Mountain View drive which is in the city of Santa Barbara isn't anywhere near Queen Ann Lane and isn't connected to Queen Ann Lane in any way.

Hollister elementary school isn't on Hollister—it's on Anita Lane, which is five blocks from Hollister Avenue.

To it's credit the highly esteemed Brandon elementary school actually is on Brandon Drive.

The Neighborhood With No STOP Signs
It's interesting to note that in the neighborhood where Mountain View elementary school is there are no STOP signs. They're all YIELD signs. And the speed limit is 35mph when normally it would be 25mph for such a neighborhood. The story I heard is the chief of police, or at least someone very influential, lived in that neighborhood, and he never wanted to get a ticket for running a stop sign or going over the speed limit, so he made sure there were YIELD signs where all the STOP signs should be and that the speed limit was 35mph instead of 25mph.