Oprah Winfrey's Estate

Entrance to Oprah Winfrey's Estate As we drive along the one mile stretch of Sheffield Road keep in mind that everything to the right is Oprah Winfrey's $51 million estate. The place is huge! It's as big as Disneyland! Here is the main entrance. In the back you can just make out a small bit of the main house. [July 2005: Upon review I no longer think the house in the background is Oprah's house. This may not even be the entrance. I'm told her house is slightly northwest of here.]
Oprah Winfrey's Estate Here's a bird's eye view of Oprah's house. This aerial view is from our local newspaper, so I assume they got the right house.

Oprah Winfrey's Estate [August 2005: I've determined that this here is the actual driveway to Oprah's house. See that driveway going off to the right? That's it. Not very spectacular at all.]

Oprah Winfrey's Estate [Sept. 2010: Here's a picture of Oprah's service entrance on Santa Rosa Lane taken by someone who saw my website. He wrote:
"I tried to peek inside between these gates and while walking away the voice box buzzed because they saw me on camera and security was very determined to get my name. Told them I was sorry to bother and walked away fast. LOL!"

From here we'll turn right onto East Valley Road and go just a little ways so we can see John Cleese's ranch and Mansion.