Near Goleta Beach
Near Goleta Beach
To the right of Isla Vista we have the fabulous community of Goleta which is where I actually live. I would have made this a tour of Goleta except there's no scenic stuff in Goleta, just a bunch of houses and shopping centers. Oh yea, and a beach.

Awhile ago some T-shirts came out which said, "Goleta? What's a Goleta?" Later some different T-shirts came out answering that question. A "Goleta" is Spanish for schooner, a type of ship.

Don't sunbathe too close to those cliffs! Once in a great while they crumble a little bit and drop a pile of rocks onto the beach. You don't want to be lying there and have a large pile of rocks fall 60 feet and land on you! (OK, I know of only one incident where one person was killed and another was seriously injured with major broken bones.)