Lady's hand holding egg shot by bullet

This is my favorite picture taken at the famous Brooks Institute School of Photography [circa 1982]. It's a picture of a lady's hand holding an egg with a bullet going through it. You can just make out the bullet emerging on the right side as the egg is beginning to explode. Pretty spectacular picture I'd say. The picture was taken by faculty members Mike Verbois and Manny Maes for the Tokina Optical Corporation, the largest photographic lens manufacturer in the world. [1512 Kona Drive, Compton, CA 90220 (310)537-9380]. The advertising campaign was "Tokina sees what the eye can't". Full size posters of the picture were made. The lady with the slender fingers holding the egg is none other than the photographer's wife. They are now divorced. ("Hey honey, would you hold this egg?" "Dear, I think we need to talk.")

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(Actually I think Manny's wife got pregnant, so they canceled the divorce, raised their daughter Monique Mayes for 18 years, then got divorced.)