Big earthquakes are extremely rare. Here's what to do if a big earthquake occurs:

1. Look UP. Things will fall on your head.
2. Look AROUND. Things will tip over onto you.
3. Crawl underneath a desk or a table. (As children we were always taught to do this in elementary school.)

Usually your best bet is to simply stay put and enjoy the E ticket ride.

After the earthquake tell everyone how exciting it was. Go to the local grocery store and see all the merchandise on the floor. Shoppers who were in the pickle section when the earthquake occurred have a good story to tell (they get pickle juice splashed all over them.) Grab a straw and go to the local liquor store where you will see and smell a most unusual mixture of liquor on the floor.


After a big earthquake there are usually a few more smaller earthquakes that occur randomly during the next few weeks. These usually are not serious, as all the major damage has already been done by the initial quake. Enjoy the ride. Enjoy California.

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