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Across the street from the art show is a park with a playground for kids. There's also this authentic antique carousel made by Allan Herschell Co.

Allan Herschell History

Allan Herschell was born in Scotland in 1851 as one of 13 children. He left school at an early age to learn the mold-making trade. When 19, he arrived in America, settled in Buffalo, N.Y., and found employment as a foundry foreman. Allan Herschell and a shop associate, James Armitage, bought out their employer's equipment and began producing steam engines. They moved their business to North Tonawanda, N.Y. in 1873, and launched the Tonawanda Engine and Machine Co. After two fires, the company was formed as the Allen Herschell Co. Then, after having been introduced to the new and popular ride, the carousel, in 1882, Herschell began the construction of steam-operated Merry-Go-Rounds, completing their first carousel in 1884.

The allan Herschell Co. went bankrupt c.1900 and went into receivership. While still in receivership, the Herschell-Spillman Co. was formed with Allan Herschell as a partner. He retired in 1911, but came out of retirement in 1915 to begin his own company with John Wender and F.W. Frische.

During the early years of this company, c.1915-1917, the allan Herschell factory only produced about three machines... this is one of those three.