Arlington inside Arlington inside
What is really impressive about this theater is the inside is made to look as if you were outside. On either side you can see the Spanish balconies and the roofs and such, and if you look up the ceiling of the theater is an immense dome which is made to look like the night sky. All the stars are in their proper places and you can easily make out the Big Dipper and other constellations in the sky. Not only that but the stars actually twinkle if you look closely. If you look to the side you'll see more of the Spanish buildings, and if you look closely just above the roofs you can make out the mountains of Santa Barbara in the background. By the way those shadows you see under the balcony and around the lamp are fake, they're actually painted on but it's done so well I couldn't tell even up close. I had been in that theater many times and had walked right by those shadows thinking all the time they were real. One day in the theater someone told me the shadows were painted on. I didn't believe him. I walked over to the wall and held up my hand to cast my own shadow on the wall. Only then did I realize it was true. It was all an artist's deception.

Well the lights are dimming so I think the movie is about to start. The curtains to the screen are opening and the music is beginning. There's some light on the screen, and now some words are forming. It says, "D.D. Inc. in association with Anyone Ltd. presents: Deley Tours of Santa Barbara." Oops! I think I've seen this movie before.

This concludes our tour of Santa Barbara. However, there are two other nearby places of interest that we must see. So let's go back outside to the front of the theater and wait for the stagecoach to arrive.